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Despite my attempts, I haven't seen her....however, my dog is quite happy, he hasn't been walked this often and far since the babies were born!

Will continue my mission next week. (Tomorrow is date night!)

May. 11th, 2011

To give you a little context first: I live in a townhouse, surrounded by several other small townhouse neighborhoods, which backs up to a huge single family neighborhood. I know my neighbors in our cul-de-sac, but hardly any of know anyone outside of our immediate neighborhood.

All that to say, there is a young teenage girl, I'm guessing around age 14, who walks around our neighborhood and several of the others, for hours each night starting after dark. She has done this for months. If I ever get home late, I see her walking-- at least once past midnight. My husband sees her nearly every night, when he takes our dog out for his last run. I've only managed to say hello once and she sounded really upbeat as she responded and kept walking. I asked several of my neighbors and they see her too. No one knows who she is, where she lives (other than not in our cul-de-sac), or has been able to speak to her.

Lately, I've started worrying about her more. I just think something must be up for a girl her age to be walking by herself that late at night for such long periods of time. I imagine the worse-- excessive exercise, to escaping an abusive home.

Anyway, should I do something? Is there anything I can even do? Am I just overreacting b/c of my job (minister to teens)? Should I just leave her alone and mind my own business? Call social services? Call the local police?

Oh wise ones, speak to me.
Anybody want an invite to pinterest? I have several to give away...

NEVER EVER write that your kids are sleeping decently.

Says the woman who has been up for the past two hours with a little boy who wants to play and had a daughter who was up two hours past her bedtime trying on shoes.
Well, we are home. At least for today. Monkeyman got sick during the night last Wednesday and his fever went up to 105.5 and he started breathing rapidly-- terrifying to put it mildly. We got it down with a tepid bath, motrin and cold drinks. Ended up at the doctor's office twice on Thursday and again on Friday. Our doctor sent us to ER on Friday, and they sent us home after a breathing treatment. We managed to keep his fever under control all weekend, if we kept alternating tylenol and motrin every 3 hours. But, early Tuesday morning, I slept through the alarm and missed it by 1 hour and it shot up again. Our doctor basically took one look at him and sent us straight to the ER again.
We get there and they do blood work, start an IV, give him a breathing treatment and decide to admit us after he is diagnosed with RSV. (He had previously tested negative for RSV twice the week before.) The ER doctor soon came back in and utter the words that stopped my breathing: we found a couple of blast cells on his bloodwork. Could be nothing, could be an indicator of leukemia. I nearly vomited all over the floor. They soon rushed up upstairs and Im trying to tell my husband all of this via text message, since I didn't have enough of a signal to talk to him.
3 hours pass and I still haven't heard anything more. Finally, we get to the pediatrics floor and I nearly lose it in front of our nurse. She quickly got what seemed like every doctor in the building into our room giving me information. Basically, they need an additional blood sample 24 hours later to determine if the blast cell was a fluke due to his recovering from the viruses or if it was a leukemia indicator. Monkey was still his pitiful sick self. He was either sleeping in my arms or crying because someone was messing with him. I'm doing everything in my power to remain calm, knowing that the calmer I remain the better it is for him. On the inside, I am a complete mess.
We make it through the night and they draw more blood in the morning. My husband comes over in the morning and I jump in the shower. I lose it in there. I swear I have never been more terrified. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the hematologist walked in the room and told us Monkey's blood work showed no blast cells. I burst in silent tears. It was only 24 hours, but it felt like an eternity.
I never thought fighting off RSV would have seemed like the easy part. Slowly his breathing got better and his fevers stopped. He still wasn't eating or drinking enough, so they kept his IV in. After another long night, I watched the sun rise Thursday and prayed that I would walk out of the hospital with a healthy boy that day. They told us he could come home, provided his white blood count was rising (it did), and he was eating/drinking/peeing okay. At 7pm, he finally had a wet diaper, after drinking some apple juice and we were able to leave.
Monkey still isn't drinking enough, our doctor told us we would need to take him back to the ER for more fluids, if he didn't start drinking. He has lost 1.5 pounds in the past week, so the dehydration has reached pretty frightening levels. I call myself the gatorade pusher.
Thus my absence. Hug your kids today.
I feel like I haven't been up for air in over a month. First, I was slammed at work getting ready for my vacation. I was so pumped about it, I took Peanut and we had our first mom and daughter solo trip. (Don't worry Chomp already had his solo trip.) While away, her cold became pneumonia and we spent far too much time at the urgent care clinic. So, instead of her playing and having a ball with our family, she spent most of the time attached to me like a scared monkey. This whole ordeal ended up with an overnight stay in the hospital on Thursday night, because she was dehydrated and refused to drink anything. Thank God she is okay now, but it got frightening at times.

It is starting to hint at Spring around here. So I'm contemplating what I shall plant this year. Tomatoes, of course. But, what else?

Also working on planning a family vacation. But, on a limited budget, since we are going on a beach trip at the end of the summer with my entire family. Thinking about Williamsburg, since we have free tickets to Busch Gardens and I think the kids would love to play at Great Wolf Lodge one night.

I have to run off to a meeting, apparently typing takes longer than I thought.
Meet www.funmama.org


Got any ideas to add? Send them my way!

Jan. 31st, 2011

The good news: Husband is finally going to fix my computer tonight! So I can finally get back to blogging. I have been reading everyone and trying to leave comments, but it is such a pain to do on my phone. Writing a real entry is nearly impossible. I used to have more free time at work, but since I have to leave work at a certain time these days (due to our nanny), I don't have that freedom anymore. All that to say, tomorrow is a new day! I can finally put into words all that we have been through this month.

So my latest idea, is to start a new blog/website featuring fun baby/toddler/preschooler ideas. I research the crap out of fun learning activities, I might as well share it. It all started when I looked into teaching a mommy and me class through our rec center, which I ended up deciding not to do, because I would pay more in childcare than I would make. So now I have a ton of books/websites/magazines that I would love to share. I just need a name... I am struggling to come up with something that has a fun tone and that I can grow with (because while it might be more toddler focused now, I know it will evolve to older children as mine grow up).
Got any ideas? Here is what I am throwing around:
What say you?
I freaking hate Januarys. As a minister, it is the month of funerals. I can't tell you how many people hang on through the holidays and die the first of the year. I just want reach through screen and hug each of you, the sadness is just palpable.
My grandma is in the middle of her last days. Every time I see my mom's name show up on my caller id, I expect to hear the news. She is in horrible pain, despite constant morphine doses. I have reach the point that I want her to go, her life is nothing but misery here. I keep vacillating back and forth between going down now. But, she has only rare moments of lucidity that I wonder if it would do any good. She said goodbye to me at CHristmas, so I don't know.

Suffering sucks.